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Year 2020 is leaded by speed.

Shopify Speed Optimization

Do you want to increase your revenue by 10%?*

Do you want more returning customers?

Do you want to avoid Google badge of shame?**

Do you know that a one-second delay in mobile load times can inpact conversion rates by up to 20%?

Do you know your store's loading speed?***

A new Shopify Theme will make your store faster?****

By increasing your Shopify store loading speed you will get

Better UX

Happy returning customers. 1000 miles ahead your competitors.

More Conversions

More Customers. Less abandonded checkouts. More Sales.

Better SEO

Better Google rankings. Avoid badge of shame for slow websites.

Introduction Shopy Speed Dots

With over 1 Million Shopify stores, how will you stand out? Shopy Speed Dots

We can improve your Shopify store's SEO and sales conversion by 60-90% by fixing page speed issues. Stop leaving profits on the table.

99% of Shopify stores have a crippling weakness: they load slowly.
Now is your chance to turn the numbers in your favour.

Shopify themes are not built for performance. Even if you get a new theme, it will not load faster, in fact it can be much slower.

Take the new FLEX theme for example. Brand new theme installed on Vessel website, with a Google Page Speed Insights score of 22/100. We were able to optimized the theme up to 92/100

In a world where Google ranks search results based on speed, most stores are spending more on ads but seeing poorer results. In painfully real terms, this means fewer visitors, fewer conversions, and fewer referrals to friends.

It means that in a contest between two similar vendors with identical marketing budgets, the faster site will make dramatically more sales. Over time, the gap between these two companies will only grow.
Which one do you want to be?

Slow loading speed not only will annoy your customers, but they will never return to your store again. They will leave your store before it was fully loaded, and you will lose conversions. That's not even the worse problem. Google started to penalize slow websites with a badge of shame.

The good news is that raw site speed is a problem with a one-time, realistic, achievable solution that doesn't rely on dishonest practices or attempts to game the system. Let's be real: cheaters occasionally find SEO tricks that might work for a few weeks or months, but this isn't how you build a sustainable, 100-year business. Every time, Google patches their algorithm and the boom becomes a bust. We've all read about the companies that flew too close to the sun.

Hi! I'm Speedy.
I'm here to make your Shopify store load faster.


Speed Tab

Google introduced Speed Tab as an experimental feature inside Google Search Console. We already notice SEO changes affected by page speed issues.

Performance Reports

The overall site speed, the impressions and clicks decreased significantly. The first sign that shows us Google started to penalize slow websites.
Real Results Shopy Speed Dots

Reviews from our happy clients Shopy Speed Dots


Dan Henry Watches

"Fantastic professional, the most experience dev I've worked to speed up your website. He is proactive and doesn't settle until we get an excellent performance score. I've very satisfied"


Moderno Collections

"He increased my google page insights score from 18 to 80. Definitely worth it!"

Nick Majors

ZenDen Candles

"Andrew worked very effectively with us and used his knowledge and expertise to resolved several speed issues related to our ecommerce website. Excellent work."

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