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Frequently Asked Questions Shopy Speed Dots

We will try to explain everything by answering a few questions. If you have additional questions, we can talk before establishing the final quote.


How fast will my store become?

The performance factor depends on multiple variables, such as your theme javascript code, how old is the theme, installed Shopify apps, used fonts, or code left from uninstalled apps.

If your store has a Google Lighthouse performance is around 50/100, a typical increase would be between 70/100 and 90/100 in Lighthouse Score.

If your store has a Lighthouse performance score around 30/100, then it will be more challenging to optimize but not impossible. On all stores at this performance level, we have seen scores in between 60/100 and 85/100.

We had the chance to optimize Shopify Stores with 4/100 in Lighthouse performance, and YES!, it was a tough job, but we were able to increase the score up to 90/100.


What to expect?

Results may vary depending on the theme, apps, fonts, and other aspects presented above.

After multiple store speed optimization projects, we noticed that is it more challenging to optimize stores if the starting performance score is higher than 80, and the increase will be smaller and harder to achieve (e.g., 80 to 95).

Just get started, join the conversation, and we will see how can we help you.


I have installed multiple apps on my Shopify store.
Can you make my store faster without uninstalling my apps?

Yes! You can keep all your apps installed. However, we can suggest you remove some apps that will slow down your store.


Do you guarantee a higher conversion rate?

The conversion rate increase is not guaranteed because traffic quality is a huge factor. However, many Shopify merchants have seen conversion rate improvements after we did speed optimization.

Performance is about improving conversions. Slow sites have a negative impact on your store revenue. We will not show you all the stats on this page because Google does a better job explaining why performance is important.

So it's up to you if you want a faster store or not. We are here to help.


What if I decide it's not for me?

No problem at all! If the final results are under our guaranteed performance score, we will offer you a full refund.